Heavy Prai.

Prai‘ is a Thai term for necromantic corpse artefacts used as ingredients that are contained inside Thai Buddhist amulets and statues. Heavy Prai usually entails blood, brains, fingers, bones, urine, and body parts. The juices which stain and saturate clothes, funeral cloth, or suicide ropes from a violent death are said to contain the supernatural essence of the dead which is said to be good for various magical uses. Violent deaths are deemed to have a high supernatural energy value which is then harnessed in the making of amulets, statues and various oils and balms. The track Heavy Prai features on the 23 track compilation album Dark Ambient Volume 24 on the Sombre Soniks label. This album was featured on Frozen In Time: This is Darkness September Playlist stating; “The latest in the Dark Ambient series from the ever awesome Sombre Soniks label provides a fantastic variety of high quality dark ambient and drone tracks, from a range of talented artists…Every single track here offers something special, and this is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to discover something new. Highly recommended!

Released September 23rd 2022.

Audio produced and mastered by Sheer Zed.
Cover art photograph by Sheer Zed which features an ancient Burmese human skull panneng that has been re-blessed by Ajarn Apichai.

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