Stay Inside Yourself/Isolation Lockdown Boogie: Two Singles Produced Under Lockdown.

I am very grateful indeed to be able to still produce work within the realms of sound while under these extreme and harsh conditions and times. I sincerely hope that we will all ride out what will be likely the approaching rough and possibly violent storms ahead.

Sound for me has many healing qualities. It is from here that I work and focus my energy to either dispel and cast out demons or to summon and raise spirit. The following two recent singles are from both the light and dark realms (and some transitory and strange places in-between), plainly revealing themselves. The colour and the black and white, the ethereal and the mundane, the transformative and the destructive.

The mask shown in the photograph on the cover of Isolation Lockdown Boogie is a Medisure Healthcare nuisance mask and not the free Offcut Studio surgical mask I now wear when and if outside carrying out my duties as a 24/7 carer (see Bandcamp profile photo). Offcut Studio is a part of ScrubHub, a network of voluntary community groups who love to sew, and are making scrubs to order for NHS staff who are struggling to get them during this crisis. Surgical masks are not designed to filter out viruses, which are smaller than germs. They are barriers to splashes or aerosols (such as the moisture from a sneeze), and they fit loosely to the face.

The track Stay Inside Yourself was recorded during isolation lockdown exclusively for the Dark Inside, a Dark Outside event on 2nd May 2020 which was streamed live on Further In. The Dark Outside is a site specific 24 hour radio broadcast that broadcasts sounds and music never heard before in a place where nobody might hear it which was originally the darkest place in Scotland and now has expanded to sites across the UK. It has grown from just 6 listeners in 2012 to well over 3000 in 2020. Since the coronavirus pandemic this event has twice gone online via the streaming art platform Further In.

Both of these tracks are in loving memory of the more than 248,347 deaths worldwide to date of the coronavirus pandemic. May they rest in peace and their families and friends heal in the wake of their loss.


1. Stay Inside Yourself – 5 mins 43 secs.

2. Isolation Lockdown Boogie – 14 mins 38 secs.

Released May 1st and 2nd 2020 on Bandcamp.

Genre: Electronic, Techno, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Meditation, Experimental, Ritual, Drone.

Photography by Sheer Zed: Isolation Lockdown Boogie – A self portrait in Tesco, Bristol near empty shelves on 25th March 2020. Stay Inside Yourself – A Buddhist temple in Northern Thailand, January 2020.

Audio production by Sheer Zed.

Both tracks have been mastered by Loz Gill.

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