Spring Equinox: Death King Phya Yom in the Gardens of Purgatory Available Exclusively on Dark Ambient Vol. 19 From Sombre Soniks.


My contribution to Sombre Soniks bi-annual compilation series continues with a brand new track that is exclusively available on Dark Ambient Vol. 19. Death King Phya Yom in the Gardens of Purgatory is a 17 minute and 48 second sonic ritualistic stroll through the mythology of Thai Lanna Buddhism.

Death King Phya Yom in the Gardens of Purgatory is a track that embraces Thailand’s folklore surrounding Phya Yom, the Death King. He weighs the record of each recently deceased human’s good deeds (which are engraved in his golden ledger) against their sins (which are scratched onto a piece of living dog leather). If the bad overshadows the good, then they are inflicted with the proper punishment for their crimes before being reincarnated and returned to earth.

This extensive 23 track compilation around the theme of folklore featuring 23 superb artists is out now. The individual background art has been created by Madguten and the cover artwork is by Fabian van der Meer. This compilation of dark ambient music has been compiled and mastered by P23 at Sombre Soniks Studios.


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