The Release of #CosmicMeditation by Sheer Zed 03/11/17 #NewMusic

CosmicConsc1 4

Cosmic Meditation is an EP of three electronic audio tracks inspired by personal meditation rituals and vivid dream working. During one session of meditation and chanting an intense vivid vision appeared suddenly behind my closed eyes. Impacted by this I quickly went over to my drawing pad and started to record as much detail of the vision as possible. My drawing is the cover of this music release. The title of one of the EP tracks Black Moth comes from a dream. In the dream a black moth was flying around a garden of deep and rich colours. The music is an impression of deep endless feelings experienced during that dream. The music can be employed for rituals, nightclubbing or just plain listening pleasure. While sparse, precise, driving and richly evocative this EP suite of morphing and diamond encrusted moments encapsulates psychedelic dream like qualities. I have chosen to largely focus on wide sensuous sound pads, rhythmic torque, contrasting fragments of euphoric ambient, angelic techno pads, Enoesque musings, dystopian grooves, ghostly immersions and dronal textures. Cosmic Meditation is a rewardingly delicious balance of sonic sculptures and spiritual resonance. The EP was mastered by Gregg Janman at Hermetech Mastering. The EP will be available on many global digital platforms including GooglePlay, 7digital, Apple Music, TIDAL, Xbox, Spotify, DeezerNapster and AmazonMusic to name but a few. An excerpt of the track Peacock Epoch can be heard below via SoundCloud.
Release date: 3rd November 2017
Genre: Experimental Electronic Ambient Techno Drone
Artwork and Production: Sheer Zed
Mastering: Gregg Janman at Hermetech Mastering
1. Cosmic Meditation – 10:33 mins
2. Peacock Epoch – 9:48 mins
3. Black Moth – 13:02 mins

Published by: Sheer Zed

Sheer Zed is a writer, Buddhist Shaman, musician, and artist. He has published with and contributed to Indie Shaman, TQ zine, Zazen Sounds, Hadean Press, Rituals & Declarations, Hyperstitions Anthology and on the Folklore Thursday and Superstitious Saturday websites. He has released many albums of music, been featured on several compilations, appeared in many playlists, broadcasts and festivals. He contributed to the exhibition Do You Believe in Magic? at Bristol Museum.

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