The Release of Unrequited Warehouse Love & Unrelenting Tribal Resistance by @SheerZed 06-03-13 #NewMusic

Unrequited_Warehoue_Love_and_Unrelenting_Tribal_Resistance_300dpi copy

My next release will be the single Unrequited Warehouse Love & Unrelenting Tribal Resistance. It will be released digitally world-wide on the 6th March 2013. This will be my thirteenth release since 2002. The single is two tracks of electronic, dark, tribal, industrial, experimental, dub, techno, weirdo, stealth bomber music. The tracks together come in at 14mins and 50 seconds of Earth time. They will be streamable from those fine folks at Spotify Deezer and rdio. Or if you wish to pre-order, it will be available for purchase via iTunes on the 28th February 2013. The single will then be available on the 6th of March on Juno eMusic and Amazon (where you can now hear a streamable extract or indeed below from the handy SoundCloud widget) The single will also be available via many other online and mobile services including Nokia and Google Music thanks to those fabulous folks at The Orchard. The cover of my new single features, as seen above and as always, a hand drawn Indian ink cover by myself. The single has been mastered by the magical Loz Gill at Fat As Funk Mastering. The art was digitised by the delightful Adrian Finn at The Great Bear. Wherever you are and whatever injustice, cruelty, hatred and unfairness you are resisting; stay strong, stay sharp and stay devoted to your cause until you and your loved ones are victorious.


Published by: Sheer Zed

Sheer Zed is a writer, Buddhist Shaman, musician, and artist. He has published with and contributed to Indie Shaman, TQ zine, Zazen Sounds, Hadean Press, Rituals & Declarations, Hyperstitions Anthology and on the Folklore Thursday and Superstitious Saturday websites. He has released many albums of music, been featured on several compilations, appeared in many playlists, broadcasts and festivals. He contributed to the exhibition Do You Believe in Magic? at Bristol Museum.

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