The Release of Sheer Zed’s Mysterium Tremendum EP 10-10-12 #WeirdMusicForWeirdTimes


My next release will be the Mysterium Tremendum EP and is out on the 10th October 2012. This will be my twelfth release since 2002 on my digital label (SZR) Music.

The EP has five tracks of electronic, techno dark, experimental, dub, psychedelic dark wave and can be streamed now from those fine folks at Spotify Deezer and rdio Or if you wish to buy it for your digital devices iTunes Juno eMusic and Amazon will be able to sort you out.

Sadly, due to unforeseen security issues I will no longer be hosting my music on SoundCloud until further notice. The Mysterium Tremendum EP features, as seen above, a hand-painted Indian ink cover from myself. It has been mastered by the magical Loz Gill at Fat As Funk Mastering.   

Published by: Sheer Zed

• Electronic Musician • Artist • Shaman • Born in Newport, South Wales, Sheer Zed started singing at the age of eight. He showed an interest in audio production, producing experimental tape shows in his bedroom at the age of eleven and started to write songs at sixteen. With a strong leaning to electronic based music, Sheer Zed recorded an industrial electronic album "Electro-Punk ’86" during the 1980’s. Sheer Zed has been releasing music through his own (SZR) Music label since 2002. Festivals and numerous radio shows such as The Dark Outside, The Phantom Circuit, The Numbers Broadcast, Frome FM's Homely Remedies and The Alrealon Musique Show have all featured Sheer Zed’s peculiar brand of outsider electronics. Louder Than War have reviewed Sheer Zed's music as "extraordinary", "immersive" and "exciting". CompulsionOnline have described Sheer Zed's music as "surreal", "invigorating" and "intricate". Sheer Zed has collaborated with Dr. Vanessa Sinclair, psychoanalyst, artist, poet and clinical psychologist on the experimental electronic cut-up poetry album It Started With The Alarm. The artist Val Denham has called Sheer Zed a "Fire eating freak of god damn nature!" TV broadcaster Jonathon Ross once called Sheer Zed "a f**king nuisance!". The Bandcamp compilations Terse Greetings 2015 from Australia’s Severed Heads, Several by Several (a compilation supporting the late great John Several) and the 95 track #MoreInCommon Hope Not Hate compilation promoting peace and tolerance have all featured Sheer Zed’s eclectic electronic music •

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