We Will Not Be Silenced on the Institute For Alien Research label compilation Razors Spliced Edges in Plumes that Vapourize.

A collage of various sound elements which include audio from a megaphone led demonstration crowd in London, a video interview with Harry Everett Smith (artist, experimental filmmaker, bohemian, mystic, record collector, hoarder, student of anthropology and a Neo-Gnostic bishop.), field recordings from Thailand of a squeaky door leading into a lush bird filled garden and some vocal meditation guidance at a temple and an ansaphone message from a late schizophrenic parent. These elements together create a tension that exposes a paradoxical issue. All things come from and will ultimately end in silence. While life demands freedom using the urgency and vitality of sound, silence is the ultimate non-sound that will envelop life into the realm of non-existence.

Released November 10th 2022 on the Institute For Alien Research Bath, UK.

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