One Hour Exclusive Sound Art Mix for Tak Tent Radio (part three).

Once again pawing at the window of Tak Tent Radio is the eyes, ears and fluffy paws that are known collectively as Sheer Zed with a new Sound Art Mix. That saucy old sound shaman has been pointing his four track recorder (covered with his Dead Kitten Windscreen) at various audio whirlpools; a chuntering, corrupt, greedy, dodgy and electronically glitched extremist politician, foul mouthed noisy roofers erecting scaffolding while our hero gently urinates in his bathroom’s toilet, splintered, broken, fractured and blister distorted old school hip-hop beats and pre-sets, crackling vinyl noise segments, vast aum trance drumming drones, a brutalist Polish mall and train station, dark ambient soundscapes constructed solely from vintage horror black and white movie dialogue soundtracks, a throbbing and pounding dance club homage to a Thai necromancer Phor Sala Tan with traditional instruments and various orchestral chaotic cataclysms, colliding crazily around wild and cascading collections of auditory architecture, battling teaspoons and a brief appearance by the legendary Harry Everett Smith, visual artist, experimental filmmaker, record collector/producer, bohemian, mystic, self-taught student of anthropology and Neo-Gnostic bishop. You can pick up a copy with a pay what you want price here on Bandcamp.

Published by: Sheer Zed

• Writer • Buddhist Shaman • Musician • Artist • Born in Newport, South Wales, Sheer Zed started singing at the age of six. He showed an interest in audio production, producing experimental tape shows in his bedroom at the age of eleven and started to write songs at sixteen. With a strong leaning to electronic based music, Sheer Zed recorded an industrial electronic album "Electro-Punk ’86" during the mid 1980’s. Festivals and numerous radio shows such as The Séance, The Dark Outside, The Phantom Circuit, The Numbers Broadcast, Frome FM's Homely Remedies and The Alrealon Musique Show have all featured Sheer Zed’s peculiar brand of outsider electronics. For over thirty years Sheer Zed has worked with many artists, collectives and groups. Numerous compilations such as Terse Greetings 2015 from Australia’s Severed Heads, Several by Several (a compilation supporting the late great John Several), the 95 track Hope Not Hate compilation promoting peace and tolerance and the Sombre Soniks Dark Ambient compilations have all featured Sheer Zed’s music. Sheer Zed has published articles on his personal experiences in the occult ritualistic aspects of shamanism and Thai Lanna Buddhism in the magazines Indie Shaman, TQ zine, Zazen Sounds, Rituals and Declarations and on the Folklore Thursday website. He is a practicing Buddhist and shaman, exploring the realm of sound through ritual, mantras and sound design. Sheer Zed also has contributed to the 2019-20 exhibition Do You Believe in Magic? at Bristol Museum. Sheer Zed has gone on three pilgrimages to Thailand and is currently working on various papers within his fields of interest while producing music and creating art •

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