The Phenomena of Astral Projection.

The Phenomena of Astral Projection is a two track release which will be out on 2nd April 2021 Bandcamp Friday on Bandcamp, of which By Centres Of Magnetism is one. The release is inspired by numerous instances from my childhood of leaving my body. The terror and discomfort were overtaken eventually by bliss and profound happiness. My only hope is that these tracks reflect and mirror in some small way those early, perplexing and uncertain esoteric experiences. The album is available to purchase on Bandcamp now.

  1. By Centres of Magnetism. – 8 mins 44 seconds.
  2. The Phenomena of Astral Projection. – 24 mins 19 seconds.

Design and cover art hand drawn by Sheer Zed.
Audio produced and mastered by Sheer Zed.

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