Human Existence and Welfare Is Connected to All Cosmic Phenomena and Can Be Secured Through Esoteric Astral Worship.

My late father was an astrologer. He used to run an electronic programme on his home computer that predicted which horse would be a winner or come in the top five of any given horse race. He made a small but consistent income out of this endeavor. I asked him once while visiting him why he didn’t share or market this remarkable idea. His answer was that the odds would shift completely if more people knew about the programme and the possible outcomes being suggested by it.

Since my childhood I have been raised in an atmosphere of reverence for the fine interpretative art of astrology from not just my father but also my mother. Many books and charts on the subject were in the family home. My fascination of this subject grew from these beginnings though my understanding and then ultimate worship of astral bodies as personifications of deities took considerably a lot longer through my personal practice.

This album of two tracks focuses on my love and reverence of this subject and is dedicated to the art of astrology.

Cover art photography and design by Sheer Zed
Audio produced and mastered by Sheer Zed

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