Magickal Box.

Magickal Box by Sheer Zed cover art

My new track Magickal Box was released on Friday 4th September on Bandcamp for Bandcamp Friday.

Magickal Box is a piece inspired by a Thai Lanna Buddhist magickal antique wax box made by Phra Ajarn O and Luang Phor Tim. Inside are takruts (scrolls of sacred geometrical designs which are empowered with magickal qualities and purposes). The sacred inscriptions made upon the takrut are based in the Thai Buddhist, ancient Vedic and animist traditions. Two amulets also reside inside the magickal wax box. The amulets are called Phra Somdej amulets and are known as the “king of amulets”. Most Phra Somdej amulets do not have eyes, nose or a mouth.

The Buddha on the Phra Somdej amulets is seated on a three-level throne representing the three worlds system of Buddhist cosmology. Like other Thai amulets, Phra Somdej is usually made of various elements such as temple dirt, pollen, spiritually meaningful and significant ingredients, monk’s hair as well as other relics from famous monks or indeed the very holy robe “cīvara” as worn by the monk.

The functions of Phra Somdej amulets range from protection to enhanced relationships, improved health, strong protection from black magic, blocking disasters, and also to strengthen careers as well as adjusting and realigning the aura. It can help bring peace. The takruts and the amulets plus other esoteric ingredients placed inside this magickal wax box deliver a robust and highly potent combination of active magick which can be carried anywhere or kept on your shrine or sacred space.

Cover photograph and design by Sheer Zed.

Audio production and mastering by Sheer Zed.

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