The Release of Supernatural Strategist by Sheer Zed 19/06/20.

Supernatural Strategist cover art

Supernatural Strategist is a sister album to Paranormal Tactician. Similarly it features three tracks of ritualistic, contemplative, rigorous, rhythmic, exploratory and immersive experimental electronic sound mantras enthused with spirit and silent hidden magickal invocations.

The album cover features a photograph taken by myself while on my third pilgrimage to Thailand during January 2020 before the Coronavirus pandemic crashed and burned across the world as we knew it. The sheer vertical stairway in the photograph is of the entrance/exit to the Muang On Caves (first named Tum Doi Sila) at Amphua Mae-On, Chiang Mai, Thailand. There is a sublime Naga Serpent stairway of about 180 steps before reaching the entrance to the cave. The Muang-On Caves are filled with beautiful stalactites, stalagmites, fossils, shrines and statues.

It is said that the cave contains the hair of the Buddha. According to history, during Buddhist lent, Buddha led monks in a public teaching. A serpent demon (known as a Naak/Naga) is said to have appeared at Tum Doi Sila. It transformed into a human being and offered fruits and forest honey. Buddha took these gifts and blessed the serpent demon to be happy. The serpent demon then asked for a hair from Buddha so that it could be placed into the cave to be worshiped. The Muang On Caves have an eerie, peculiar and profoundly unusual feeling to them. The stairway deep down into them is extremely challenging. The way into the cave system is fraught with wild and improbably steep almost vertical gradient steps.

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