An In-Depth Radio Interview with Sheer Zed.


Alex Hawkins of the radio show Homely Remedies, which has aired on Frome FM over the years, has been a kind and generous supporter of my work. I met Alex in Bristol for my first radio interview with him which was broadcast on Sunday 21st February 2016. You can hear this first radio interview on SoundCloud here.

It was then indeed a great pleasure and delightful surprise to receive another invitation three years later from him to meet up once again for a longer and more in-depth chat at the beautiful Arnolfini in Bristol. First broadcast on Thursday 14th February 2019 on Frome FM you can now hear this second interview on Mixcloud via the widget below.

A lot is discussed over the 57 fully caffeinated minutes; my beginnings and continuing journey in music, living in Los Angeles, my ongoing spiritual and magickal pathway and also my encounter with Jenny Tomasin (22 March 1938 – 3 January 2012), who portrayed the character Ruby in Upstairs Downstairs. Jenny wasn’t just an excellent actress but also a highly experienced medium and practitioner of psychometry.

Many thanks to Alex, Frome FM and the Arnolfini for making this all happen.

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