The Art of Jack S Bihm.


Marriage is a strange thing. Divorce doubly so. It is however the selfless acts during marriage that are some of the most enduring. My ex-wife Angel put up in fine fashion a free site dedicated to a Borders Books & Music regular Jack S Bihm, a true outsider artist. Keef Patrick is key to this. His interest and fascination in Jack’s art was instrumental in the sites creation, myself being the humble middle man. Indeed, Keef’s own art is fantastic and can be seen here. Jack touched many lives with his casual, surreal and random acts of kindness, handing out his art for free to everyone and anyone he met in and around the environs of Torrance, Los Angeles. Keef has written a great recollection on the site about Jack. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Jack received a degree in agriculture from the University of Nebraska and fought in the Korean war. I remember one day Jack coming up to the information counter in Borders and handing over to me a plastic cup with flowers inside and a drawing across it. “I hit it out of the ballpark today…” he said in his sly and enigmatic way while walking towards the entrance. Myself and Keef gleefully looked at each other in awe of his zen. During my five years working at Borders Books and Music I learned a powerful thing; art saves us, art redeems us, art connects us.


Published by: Sheer Zed

Sheer Zed is a writer, Buddhist Shaman, musician, and artist. He has published with and contributed to Indie Shaman, TQ zine, Zazen Sounds, Hadean Press, Rituals & Declarations, Hyperstitions Anthology and on the Folklore Thursday and Superstitious Saturday websites. He has released many albums of music, been featured on several compilations, appeared in many playlists, broadcasts and festivals. He contributed to the exhibition Do You Believe in Magic? at Bristol Museum.

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2 thoughts on “The Art of Jack S Bihm.”

  1. Going through my late father’s papers, I found several drawings by Mr. Bihm. Several had funny greetings to my father. Are his drawings kept anywhere? I’m not sure what to do with them.

    1. Thank you very much for commenting Eileen. Nice to know that your father met Jack and he received some of his sublime outsider art. Jack was an enigma. I worked at Borders Books and music for four years. While I was there a fellow co-worker who loved and collected his art pointed him out to me. I then started to collect his art. Many people didn’t see any value to his work and just binned it. The website was an idea that myself and now ex-wife established for Jack on a free server site. We showed Jack and he was thrilled, a veteran of what I believe was the Korean War. Jack’s drawings are sadly not kept anywhere. There is no centralized archive for his work and I no longer have anything to do with the person that set the site up. I suggest you keep and enjoy what you have or maybe if you’re inclined scan and blog them with a link to this page. Take care and stay safe.

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