The Release of #ProgrammableOrganicAutomata by @SheerZed 09-12-16 #NewMusic


A Christmas single? After probably one of the most musically productive years of my life comes the end stop with possibly one of the most surreal Christmas singles ever. No sleigh bells, no shamanic red robed figures. Programmable Organic Automata is a sparse but weighty progression of Kraftwerkian stylings with abstract psych glyphs mutated and engorged by a dark foreboding horn section underscoring entire the piece. There are some wide reverbs and surreal sonic artefacts attached to the sequences. It has a clean factory floor atmosphere with spiralling chaotic robotic dirt. Sounding like Coil’s ‘Sewage Worker’s Birthday Party’ in some places this long evolutionary mutant minimal techno track unfolds and explores the creation and programming of new bio-chemically engineered cybernetic creatures. A biographical soundtrack snapshot of humanity itself as it hurtles wildly into Borg-dom. The single will be released on 9th December 2016. It is 21 mins 56 seconds in length. The cover art is by myself. The track has been mastered by Gregg Janman at Hermetech Mastering. This single will be available on numerous global digital purchasing and streaming platforms. An excerpt of the track can be heard below via SoundCloud.

Published by: Sheer Zed

Sheer Zed is a writer, Buddhist Shaman, musician, and artist. He has published with and contributed to Indie Shaman, TQ zine, Zazen Sounds, Hadean Press, Rituals & Declarations, Hyperstitions Anthology and on the Folklore Thursday and Superstitious Saturday websites. He has released many albums of music, been featured on several compilations, appeared in many playlists, broadcasts and festivals. He contributed to the exhibition Do You Believe in Magic? at Bristol Museum.

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