The Release of #CouldYouEverBeAtPeaceWithYourself? by @SheerZed 28-10-16 #NewMusic

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I produced this piece of music on the day of the murder of Jo Cox MPI spent the whole morning focussed solely on this music while the events then unbeknownst to me unfolded into the late afternoon. Countless stupid, vile and horrific acts of violence, changes in the law, regimes using the threat of death, torture and cruelty have been perpetrated and grown by humans throughout time. Many attempts at peace, love and reconciliation have been made but seemingly to no effect. Is it not the duty of all humans to find inner peace and renounce violence and hatred? Is it not the profound requirement of all humans to look into themselves and ask fundamental questions? This so called year of 2016 has proven to be a blood drenched benchmark in worldwide horror, murder, public executions, discrimination and destruction with the all pervading spectre of absolutism hanging disastrously over all like a shroud. I genuinely ask in the repeated vocals of this single “Could you ever be at peace with yourself?”. This mantra or if you will magic word spell of consciousness can only be answered and practiced ultimately by yourself. True peace can only be found from within. The track begins as a broken, jagged, crackling, distorted drone based piece progressing slowly across its 21 minute 46 second duration into a persistent pounding drum based hymnic sound meditation. Could You Ever Be at Peace with Yourself? will be released on the 28th October 2016. The artwork has been drawn by myself embodying cosmic shamanic symbols of self realisation, love and peace within a landscape of life’s river running and spiralling into a chaotic multiverse. The track has been mastered by Loz Gill at Fat As Funk Mastering. This single will be available on numerous digital purchasing and streaming platforms. An excerpt of the track can be heard below via SoundCloud.

Published by: Sheer Zed

Sheer Zed is a writer, Buddhist Shaman, musician, and artist. He has published with and contributed to Indie Shaman, TQ zine, Zazen Sounds, Hadean Press, Rituals & Declarations, Hyperstitions Anthology and on the Folklore Thursday and Superstitious Saturday websites. He has released many albums of music, been featured on several compilations, appeared in many playlists, broadcasts and festivals. He contributed to the exhibition Do You Believe in Magic? at Bristol Museum.

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