The Baphomet Prai Amulet by Ajarn Apichai.

“This serpent, Satan, is not the enemy of Man, but He who made Gods of our race, knowing Good and Evil; He bade “Know Thyself!” and taught Initiation. He is “The Devil” of The Book of Thoth, and His emblem is Baphomet, the Androgyne who is the hieroglyph of arcane perfection…He is therefore Life, and Love.” – Aleister Crowley, Magick: Liber ABA, Book Four, Parts I–IV.

This beautiful and powerful Baphomet Prai amulet by Ajarn Apichai arrived today from The Thai Occult. Baphomet has diverse etymologies. Basileus philosophorum metaloricum: the sovereign of metallurgical philosophers. This deity is now further enhanced by the sublime and profound majesty of Thai Lanna Buddhism and the work of a great Ajarn. As the Thai Occult website states; “There many forms of Prai (necromantic spiritual bodily materials) inside, such as Phi Tai Hong ashes, Phi Tai Tong Glom ashes and Prai Kuman ashes, Prai from a man who died on Saturday and was cremated on a Tuesday and more. These ashes have been collected by Ajarn over a period of 10 years and have now been mixed with ashes he has collected from over 100 different graveyards. This gives a huge foundation to the magic within this piece and these ashes have been mixed with more than 100 kinds of Waan Maha Saneah powders.”

Ajarn Apichai is one of the finest and most accomplished Ajarns of his generation. In conjunction with The Thai Occult this rare example of hybrid magickal working, the fusing of Eastern and Western occult traditions, has transpired and manifest in the creation of this sublime and powerful one of a kind amulet. Once the required kata (mantra) is chanted (supplied on purchase) and the exact instructions followed to welcome this weighty presence into your home, a fuel injection of causality, enchantment and coincidental happening accompany it. I say this only from personal experience. I assure you this is a game changing piece of esoteric East/West occult magick and will strongly benefit those of you from both the advanced level of practitioner and the only just off the fence beginner. It will also appeal to those that quest regularly within the realms of “Androgyne” and “hieroglyph” experimentation.

Great care and attention as you can see from the photographs, has been taken in the blessing of these limited edition amulets. Baphomet has been summoned as an angel within this Thai Lanna Buddhist necromantic ritual. I very rarely like to promote items within the realms of spiritual pursuit and personal enlightenment, since I find this a repugnant and somewhat gauche act. However, I have made a rare exception here and wholeheartedly support and praise this brilliant work which also supports hybridization. Hybridization is the future. The future is progressive and inclusive. May you all find profound happiness and good fortune. To acquire one of these fine limited edition amulets, of which over half have already gone as I type, go to The Thai Occult website and order one here.

Published by: Sheer Zed

• Writer • Buddhist Shaman • Musician • Artist • Born in Newport, South Wales, Sheer Zed started singing at the age of six. He showed an interest in audio production, producing experimental tape shows in his bedroom at the age of eleven and started to write songs at sixteen. With a strong leaning to electronic based music, Sheer Zed recorded an industrial electronic album "Electro-Punk ’86" during the mid 1980’s. Festivals and numerous radio shows such as The Séance, The Dark Outside, The Phantom Circuit, The Numbers Broadcast, Frome FM's Homely Remedies and The Alrealon Musique Show have all featured Sheer Zed’s peculiar brand of outsider electronics. For over thirty years Sheer Zed has worked with many artists, collectives and groups. Numerous compilations such as Terse Greetings 2015 from Australia’s Severed Heads, Several by Several (a compilation supporting the late great John Several), the 95 track Hope Not Hate compilation promoting peace and tolerance and the Sombre Soniks Dark Ambient compilations have all featured Sheer Zed’s music. Sheer Zed has published articles on his personal experiences in the occult ritualistic aspects of shamanism and Thai Lanna Buddhism in the magazines Indie Shaman, TQ zine, Zazen Sounds, Rituals and Declarations and on the Folklore Thursday website. He is a practicing Buddhist and shaman, exploring the realm of sound through ritual, mantras and sound design. Sheer Zed also has contributed to the 2019-20 exhibition Do You Believe in Magic? at Bristol Museum. Sheer Zed has gone on three pilgrimages to Thailand and is currently working on various papers within his fields of interest while producing music and creating art •

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