My Article Thai Occult Road Trip in Issue 40 of Indie Shaman Magazine.

D3mwF4XWAAArt8_.jpg large

I have written an extensive article on my very first trip in September 2017 to meet the remarkable and sublime Ajarns of Northern Thailand in the 40th issue of Indie Shaman. During this first trip, with the assistance of Peter Jenx, author and photographer of The Thai Occult book series as my guide, I met Ajarn Suea, Ajarn Nanting and Ajarn Apichai, experiencing what can only be described as life-changing rituals and experiences that have quite literally tattooed themselves to myself and my life. The article describes in detail my participation in the Thai Lanna Buddhist Satuang, Sak Yant, Na Naa Thong and Kasin Fai rituals. Indie Shaman is a subscriber only magazine. Its Good Causes Fund was set up in 2008 and each year donates money towards good causes, primarily wildlife rescues nominated by members of the community. This has included Wolf Watch UK, Save Knock Iveagh and Wildcat Haven. Being a subscriber not only gives you access to an excellent magazine but also helps to protect and preserve our precious environment. You can subscribe to Indie Shaman here.

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