Observations on The Takrut Gan Suam by Ajarn Apichai.

I am sure that at some point or other we all feel a powerful and particular draw to something that doesn’t just peak our interest but has a strong and persistent pull. The Takrut Gan Suam by Ajarn Apichai for me is one such thing. I have had the honour and privilege of meeting Ajarn Apichai twice. He is one of the finest Ajarns of his generation. Each time I have experienced life changing ritualistically charged encounters which have altered my being, as I have done so with all of the remarkable and sublime Ajarns I was humbled to meet during my two Thai Occult Road trips. It is Ajarn Apichai however, who has produced a Thai occult magic item that in my humble opinion is a game changer in terms of tactical depth.

The considerable pull even before I had made contact with this Takrut had on me to interface with it was akin to the Death Star tractor beam in Star Wars. A Takrut is a Yantra or spell on a thin piece of metal that can be worn or rolled. This Takrut is made from a thick plate of lead that has Yants drawn on both sides – Yant Song Tripot and Yant Gaa Sathorn. It has the attribute of what is called Gan Suam, which prevents the loss of magic from any accident that affect Sak Yant (sacred magically active tattoos) and amulets. This Takrut also helps protect from curses and black magic, reflecting any bad things back to the person who sent it. This particular Takrut has been rolled while in an oil for Gan Suam and some of that is held within it, which means that it can also be placed in water for an effective spiritual bath or even drunk to reset the magickal attributes already within the body.

I have not yet bathed or drunk the water from this item. Wearing it round the waist restores the power of any defiled Yants, but it can also be put into a pocket or wrapped round the arm. Just wearing it has been a challenge since its strength has knocked my socks off. It is highly advisable that you don’t have anything planned when you engage in the first instance with this item. You will find it difficult to coordinate spacial points. A very strong sense of being literally drunk with bliss and peace without a hangover is the best way to describe this. I have had some experiences with a number of amulets and other esoteric items within the Thai Lanna Buddhist occult canon and this single example has been profound although the quiet voice of my Prai Kasip Whispering Ghost amulet does still continue to amaze me with its flow of information.


I chatted with Jenx, the author of The Thai Occult Books about his experience with The Takrut Gan Suam piece. He said that he felt he was; “Off with the fairies.” As amusing and endearing as this sounds I wished to test this statement and see for myself exactly what this item did and could do, in the light of cold and clear minded research and also with a mind to further understand the incredible subject of Thai Lanna Buddhism. I was to find out that I wasn’t just “off with the fairies”, which is actually a fair and correct statement to make in this instance but also on a ski lift ride of continuing and elevated unmitigated transcendental bliss. The Fairy is a form of spirit, often described as metaphysical, supernatural, or preternatural. I can safely say that this is exactly what we are dealing with here. This takrut is a deeply spiritual piece of work that is drenched in highly effective and charged magick. The Gan Suam Takrut piece was created by Ajarn Apichai using an archaeological prolonged and considerable method of research and study. Imagine finding old almost lost plans for a spiritual nuclear power station without the radiation and you are pretty much there.

Jenx states on his Facebook page thus; “I was talking to Ajarn Apichai this morning and he told me that this Wicha (magickal methodology) came from a very old book of the legendary Luang Phor Suk. It was barely legible so he had to play with the information and then spend months checking whether it worked properly. Between Ajarn and a very sensitive Luksit (a student of an Ajarn or monk), they slowly broke every rule (precepts for correct personal conduct) one by one (there’s some that Ajarn couldn’t break) and the Takrut worked every time, with no loss of power in the Yant. It has taken me three days to get used to it but now finally settling…It has been through my skin and all my Sak Yants and really sensitises the body.”

The Takrut Gan Suam by Ajarn Apichai is a work of high magic and holds an extremely pungent persistence that doesn’t cease in its effectiveness. Numerous remarkable and extraordinary means were used and pursued to test this item by Ajarn Apichai and his Luksit. Which begs the question…who was Luang Phor Suk? Luang Phor Suk was born in in 1847 (BE 2390 in the Thai calendar) in the northern part of Chai Nat province during the reign of His Majesty King Rama IV. He ordained as a Monk at the age of 20. Luang Phor Suk studied Dharma and Samādhi at Wat Pho Thong Lang. He met many guru masters during his travels in Tudong and he learned Wicha from them. One of the guru masters who taught him Wicha was Achan Thum Wua Daeng. Luang Phor Suk is credited with many acts of miraculous magick and throughout his life is noted as a deeply respected sublime and immense practitioner and master of the art of Buddhist magick.

What then is Samādhi? It is a state of meditative consciousness. In the Yogic traditions, and the Buddhist commentarial tradition on which the Burmese Vipassana movement and the Thai Forest tradition rely, it is a meditative absorption or trance, attained by the practice of dhyāna. In the oldest Buddhist sutras, on which several contemporary western Theravada teachers rely, it refers to the development of a luminous mind which is equanimous and mindful. In Buddhism, it is the last of the eight elements of the Noble Eightfold Path. In the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, it is the eighth and final limb identified in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The first attested usage of the term samadhi in Sanskrit literature was in the Maitri Upanishad. The term ‘Samadhi’ derives from the root sam-a-dha, which means ‘to collect’ or ‘bring together’, and thus it is often translated as ‘concentration’ or ‘unification of mind’. In the early Buddhist texts, samadhi is also associated with the term samatha (calm abiding). In the commentarial tradition, samadhi is defined as ekaggata, one-pointedness of mind (Cittass’ekaggatā).

On Monday morning (seven days later after ordering the Takrut) the package containing the Takrut arrived. I open it and recited the kata (mantra) three times while holding the Takrut. I decided to wear the it around my neck, as I had seen numerous Ajarns in photos with a similar sideways Takrut amulets and felt that this would suffice. An immediate rush came upon me. The suggestion by Jenx to jokingly to not use or operate heavy machinery while wearing this piece in the first instance turned out to be very wise indeed. I felt a mixture of swooning headiness and a rich warm fuzzy high in a calm neutral place. I do not drink or take any kind of psychoactive drugs of any kind at all. A palpable consistent and all encompassing Samādhi poured through my total being. I felt at points overwhelmed by the strength of this Takrut. My eyes had the blissed out quality of someone who has a heavy mellowed incandescent relaxed depth within the third eye. This astounding admission is only the truth of how I feel while wearing this extremely powerful Thai occult item. The magical physical effects are real and definite. My eyes behaved in a most peculiar way too. Neither Disney nor indeed any renown anime artist could match the way my wide open dilated smiling eyes were swimming in a mirco-cosmic orbit.


I attempted to do the morning choresA giggling and floating feeling permeated my tasks. I feel extraordinarily lifted and flying wearing this amazing item. During a trip outside I felt like I was travelling in a continuum or a tract of hyperspace where I calmly and effectively dealt with all of the necessary business. Detached in a bliss state. Mighty and monster like the Takrut pounded out hidden vibrational qualities that I have hitherto not felt before. I recited the kata (mantra) again for three times when I got home after running my errands, which was supplied to me when I purchased the piece from Jenx. I felt a strong tugging deep inside my body that was metaphorically covered in honey and valium though no artificial drugs or substances were ingested by me whatsoever throughout this entire process. I perceived the causation of these mixed and varied feelings to be Takrut and kata based only. Another effect I found that this piece had on me is the occasional cold flush feeling around the Sak Yants on my body and on the back of my neck. Indeed, on the first day of wearing this item my productivity, inner peace and personal centering were off the proverbial counter. On day two things calmed down a bit. The intense internal gear changes I that experienced on the first day were not so heavy though the quality of the Samādhi I experienced was considerably more integrated and smooth but still very strong. Circumspection, reflection and tranquility began to take hold. At points I wished to be solitary to manage quietly the new and expanding feelings that poured within me.

Indeed, I became slightly irritated when certain issues arose that needed my immediate attention. It is still taking time to EQ myself in tandem with this exquisite piece. My metaphor for this phase would be that of a pilot learning the ropes of a new vehicle and managing more readily the sensitive power steering. The third day dawned and I felt very like my older self though the sense that there had been a major shift of some kind still persisted. My personal perspicacity seemed to be more acutely, tactically and psychically aware. For this I would say the metaphor is akin to the Hubble telescope being given a good clean with its lens having far greater clarity. The forth day again brought feelings of bedding down into a warm duvet of resilience and determination with a distinct need for to recuse myself from any commitments relating to high levels of interaction though my energy levels did spike and I was able to achieve numerous chores, rituals and errands with plenty of gusto. The fifth day arrives and I am completely centred and totally grounded and at one with the Takrut. I cannot imagine what the next days and months will hold for me interfacing with this sublime Takrut item.

However, I cannot personally guarantee how you will react or feel while when and if you decide to explore something of this nature. I can only write about how I experienced this item and how I felt. We are all very different and react accordingly. Spirit tends to move as it is wont to do itself.

You can acquire this incredible item here. Full instructions and the kata to correctly phonetically chant it are supplied by Jenx directly from Ajarn Apichai. Indeed, Jenx very kindly supplied a short recording of exactly how the kata should be chanted. It is the veritable sonic keys to this spirit based machine. The instructions are to be followed to the letter and will guide you well. I cannot recommend this experience enough and heartily embrace this fabulous Takrut. There is nothing like it on the internet. If it sells out then wait for the next batch. You will not be disappointed if you are ardent and in sincere pursuit of mindsurfing other realms and states. Now if you will excuse me, I’m off with the Fairies again.


Published by: Sheer Zed

• Electronic Musician • Artist • Shaman • Born in Newport, South Wales, Sheer Zed started singing at the age of six. He showed an interest in audio production, producing experimental tape shows in his bedroom at the age of eleven and started to write songs at sixteen. With a strong leaning to electronic based music, Sheer Zed recorded an industrial electronic album "Electro-Punk ’86" during the mid 1980’s. Festivals and numerous radio shows such as The Séance, The Dark Outside, The Phantom Circuit, The Numbers Broadcast, Frome FM's Homely Remedies and The Alrealon Musique Show have all featured Sheer Zed’s peculiar brand of outsider electronics. For over thirty years Sheer Zed has worked with many artists, collectives and groups. Louder Than War reviewed Sheer Zed's music as "extraordinary", "immersive" and "exciting". CompulsionOnline described Sheer Zed's music as "absorbing and intricate", "surreal" and "invigorating", urging their readers "to dig in to the releases of Sheer Zed". TQ Music Zine declared Sheer Zed's music "a tour de force". Cool and Strange Music Magazine said his music was "Mithraic", while the blog 1208 North Fuller Ave Apt 1 said his work "elicit a sense of the exotic and mysterious". The magazine Indie Shaman declared Sheer Zed's work to be "meditative, surreal and hypnotic...perfect for anyone who likes to share their journeys in life with eclectic, electronic music." The Séance have accurately dubbed Sheer Zed "A veteran Bristol noise shaman." The Bandcamp compilations Terse Greetings 2015 from Australia’s Severed Heads, Several by Several (a compilation supporting the late great John Several), the 95 track #MoreInCommon Hope Not Hate compilation promoting peace and tolerance and the Sombre Soniks Dark Ambient compilations volumes 17 and 18 have all featured Sheer Zed’s music. Sheer Zed has published articles on his personal experiences in the occult ritualistic aspects of Thai Lanna Buddhism in the magazine Indie Shaman and on the Folklore Thursday website. He has contributed to the exhibition Do You You Believe in Magic? at Bristol Museum. Sheer Zed has gone on pilgrimages to Thailand and is currently working on various papers within his field of interest while producing music and creating art •

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